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      Motorsports Authentication

    Digital Analyses

    • Side-By-Side Autograph Image Comparisons
    • Limited Autograph Structure Analysis
    • Limited Object Evaluation Analysis

    Letter of Authenticity (LOA)

    •  Each authenticated item is accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity (LOA) completed on Checker Flag Zone letterhead

    The LOA will include the following documentation

    • Whose autograph was authenticated
    • Brief description of the autographed item
    • Photograph of submitted image
    • Date of authentication
    • Name of Expert rendering authentication opinion
    • LOA identification number

    Verification of Authentication:

    • By email
    • By phone

    Please note that this service comes with limitations that will be noted in the LOA.  For example, using this service to submit an autographed photo does not guarantee the image is not a  re-print or has been stamped.

    authentication service includes

    Services conducted by Checker Flag Zone Representative

    Requires image upload of your autographed item with your order

    authentication service includes

    Services conducted by Global Authentics Representative

    Requires shipment of your autographed item to Global office

    Physical Analyses

    • Side-By-Side Comparisons
    • Ink/Medium Analysis
    • Autograph Structure Analysis
    • Object Evaluation Analysis

    Global Authentics Label

    • A tamper evident label bearing a unique serial number is affixed to the item or the Letter of Authenticity.

    Certificate Of Authenticity (COA)

    •  Each authenticated item is also accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that displays the unique matching certification number for that item

    Online Database Documentation

    • After each item has been authenticated, the results can be reviewed using the Cert Check feature on the Global Authentics website.

    The Information page will exhibit:

    • Whose autograph was authenticated
    • Autograph item details
    • Date of authentication

    Checker flag zone authentication

    autograph authentication services

    Checker Flag Zone is a contracted submission center for one of the leading motorsports autograph authentication services, Global Authentics.  Global Authentics can examine autograph items you either obtain yourself, or acquire in the market place, and provide an expert opinion as to their authenticity.  If their Autograph Expert determines the autograph is authentic, a tamper-proof serial numbered sticker will be attached to the autographed item and a matching serial numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) will accompany it.  The item is then registered into the Global Authentics database, which can be researched at any time through their website.  

    Checker Flag Zone also offers its own autograph authentication services, which we document through a Letter of Authenticity (LOA).  Our autograph authentication service is more economical and goes through a simpler process that does not require you to physically send your autograph collectible to us.

    As we state in the contents of  the "Autograph Education" tab above, it's important for any autograph collector to understand, that any third party autograph authentication service is only an expert opinion based on side-by-side comparison with authentic autograph exemplars and examination of characteristics specific to the autograph and the person providing it.  It's a known fact with experienced autograph collectors that the only 100% guarantee an autograph is real, is to witness it done yourself.  This method is fine if you plan to obtain and keep all autographs from motorsports personalities for yourself, however, should you decide to pass your signed collectibles into the marketplace or somebody else inherit them, an experienced collector will not acquire them without reasonable proof of their authenticity.  The autograph authentication services we offer, whether that be through Global Authentics, or through our own Checker Flag Zone brand meet this necessity and will provide instant credibility and value to your autographed item.