The Showcase-Express display case unit is simply the most professional, museum quality display case you will find in the market place.  These units are expandable, plus offer versatility (with car scales and background options).  The units are also fully encased and will last you a lifetime.

Our custom design service allows you to create the design concept, and we build it.  Custom design services are available for diecast or any other collectible.

custom display cases

museum quality Wall mount displays

We offer display cases for different scale cars & collectibles.  Our cases come with different options including mirror, checkered board, or clear background.

The ProView Displays diecast car stands are the perfect option for displaying your cars in a professional and cost affective manner.  There are 3 different designs to choose from.  The side tilt and front tilt stands are compatible with the other diecast display options we offer.

diecast display cases

diecast car display stands

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ProView Displays provides collectors with the best options for displaying their diecast cars.  Over the years, we've learned that every diecast collector is different and because of that created and searched for products to meet the needs of collectors.  We believe in providing display options with diecast collectors that are simply as diverse as the collectors we've met over the years.  We offer anything from museum quality showcase displays, to single car cases and stands which we proudly manufacture ourselves right here in the USA.  We also offer custom services and will build acrylic cases to your design specs. 

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providing collectors with the best  options for displaying their diecast cars

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