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    Step 6

    Within weeks of installation, any air/water bubbles will disa[[ear on their own as the shield Graph

    Step 5

    Use supplied pick to smooth out air/water bubbles.  This step is optional

    Step 4

    Apply from corner by holding in place with free hand then slide & center with tweezer hand

    Step 1

    Clean windshield with microfiber cloth

    Step 2

    Peel autographed Shield Graph from corner using supplied tweezers

    Step 3

    Mix one drop of dish soap with water, then fully submerge Shield Graph in solution

    3: then follow these simple installation instructions

    Visit your local authorized dealer or purchase on-line or trackside from the drivers official merchandise trailer

    2: purchase the officially licensed diecast of those drivers

    The images above, depicting various NASCAR® Personalities signing Shield Graphs is not to be misconstrued as their endorsement of our product.  We have posted these images from Public signing events to help better illustrate how our product works, starting with obtaining their autograph to its application of being affixed onto an Officially Licensed NASCAR® diecast car

    1: get it signed


    about shield graphs

    Shield Graphs offer a new, more efficient way  to collect and display your autographed 1:24 scale NASCAR®  licensed diecast cars.  Shield Graphs are made of a specially formulated transparent vinyl, designed to smoothly capture ink from a Sharpie® or paint pen, then affix over the windshield of your diecast car to create an instantly autographed car of your favorite driver.  This product is already revolutionizing the market of autograph collecting and how a collector displays their signed diecast cars

    Shield Graphs are sold in an 8.5" x 11" sheet that feature 12 pre-cut windshield clings that you can have autographed then removed from the sheet and attached to your diecast.  Each of the 12 pre-cut Shield Graphs are clearly marked and outlined, so the driver generally knows where to sign on the sheet to ensure you get a good quality autograph for your diecast.  Shield Graphs will not damage your diecast or leave a residue when removed because there are no sticky adhesives.  Best of all, they are re-useable, so if you want to display the newest and latest released diecast car of your favorite driver, simply peel it off the old one and apply it to the new car of your choosing.  

    The hobby of collecting autographs from your favorite drivers on your diecast has always been fun, now it just got easier and more practical.  There is no need to haul a bunch of diecast to the track or try and decide which diecast car to bring to a special public signing event.  Simply bring a sheet, or several sheets of Shield Graphs, a clipboard, and a Sharpie® pen, and see just how fun and easy it is to get the autograph of some of NASCAR's top drivers, then afterwards, choose the car you want to display your newly signed Shield Graph.

    Shield Graphs are proudly made and produced in the USA.  Order your Shield Graphs right here on our website or from any of our Authorized Dealers.

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    revolutionizing the way you collect autographs for your diecast cars

    Shield Graphs are part of the Checker Flag Zone Racing Collectibles Network